1hr 33mins
Dir: Jeffrey Dell
Starring: Jimmy Hanley and Anne Crawford

On leaving the Army, an officer awarded the VC is full of idealism to spread peace and goodwill

This comedy has some good scenes that were filmed on the Western Region. Some later external shots were filmed at Hayes and Harlington but the earlier platform scenes were filmed at Cowley, on the West Drayton – Uxbridge Vine Street branch, with a train departing from one scene hauled by an ex-GWR 6100 Class 2-6-2 ‘Large Prairie’ tank. There is also an additional shot of a steam locomotive passing through the countryside as viewed from beside a canal, but little detail can be made out.

Anne Crawford and Jimmy Hanley waiting on a sunny platform. Although difficult to confirm from this angle, the station is almost certainly Cowley, on the Uxbridge Vine Street branch.
Moments later and the train pulls in hauled by an ex-GWR 6100 Class 2-6-2T
As Jimmy Hanley goes to board the train we can see an UXBRIDGE destination board above the first two windows, further confirming this to be a West Drayton to Uxbridge Vine Street service
The train pulls out with Jimmy Hanley looking out of the window. Although the carraige is different to the one seen above, this is Cowley station, looking north towards Uxbridge.
Anne Crawford cuts a lonely figure as she watches the train leave. Cowley’s down platform, looking south towards West Drayton.
The happy couple return from their honeymoon and leave ‘Langham’ station. This is a side entrance off platform 4 at Hayes and Harlington station, with a train in the background pulling out.
The car is waiting for them in the station approach. The roof of Hayes and Harlington GWR Goods Depot stands beyond, thus confirming the location.
As Lana Morris and Jimmy Hanley chat beside a canal, a steam locomotive passes through the countryside behind them. IF this is genuine and not back-projection, then this will be the West Coast main line as the canal scenes were filmed on the Grand Union at Hemel Hempstead.