1hr 59mins
Dir: Patrice Chéreau
Starring: Mark Rylance and Kerry Fox

A London bartender has a wordless and loveless affair with a mysterious woman

This erotic romantic drama features three brief railway scenes; the first was filmed on London Underground’s Northern Line with a train of 1995-built tube stock, the second shows a Class 455 EMU passing somewhere in South London, and the third is a brief scene that appears to have been filmed onboard a Gatwick Express Mk.2. Be warned though, this film has lots of nudity and received an 18+ rating for its unsimulated sexual activity.

A train of 1995 stock pulls out of an as yet unidentified station somewhere on London Underground’s Northern Line
A Network SouthEast Class 455 EMU passes somewhere in South London
Marianne Faithfull and Kerry Fox onboard….well it looks to me like a Gatwick Express Mk.2