1hr 30mins
Dir: Walter Forde
Starring: Gordon Harker and Alastair Sim

During a holiday by the sea Inspector Hornleigh and Sergeant Bingham grow bored and turn their hand to investigating a local crime

The second of the three Inspector Hornleigh films features just a single stock shot of an LMS express leaving a tunnel hauled by an ex-LNWR ‘Claughton’ Class 4-6-0. However, close investigation reveals this to be none other than the LNWR’s memorial loco No.5964 Patriot, captured commonly enough on camera but a very rare loco on film. The number is not visible, the loco is identifiable through its distinctively shaped brass nameplate.

An ex-LNWR ‘Claughton’ bursts out of a tunnel with a good head of steam
The blurred but utterly distinctive brass nameplate
For the record here is a shot of the nameplate which reads:- ‘PATRIOT In memory of the fallen L&NWR employees 1914 – 1919’. With thanks to the Warwickshire Railways website.