Dir: Norman Harrison
Starring: William Sylvester and Justine Lord

At a late night chemist an injured bank robber has been taken for treatment, and for a rendezvous with the gang leader

This short crime drama was one of a series of second feature films based on Edgar Wallace novels, released between 1960 and 1965 in British cinemas. It features a climatic scene at the end that was filmed in the booking hall and on the escalators of Leicester Square Underground station.

This is the main circulating area of Leicester Square Underground station
The police led by Peter Howell enter the station from one of the entrances off Charing Cross Road
Philip Locke fumbles with the stolen cash. The left luggage lockers are a thing of the past, as indeed is the small tobacconists on the left selling Bristol Tipped Cigarettes.
The police begin their pursuit
Having arrested their suspect, the police are left to clear up the money. This is the bottom of Leicester Square’s Northern Line escalator.
This is looking back up the same escalators, one of many on the Underground to have attractive uplighters