Inbred (film) - Wikipedia

1hr 30mins
Dir: Alex Chandon
Starring: Jo Hartley and Seamus O’Neill

Four young offenders on community service cross paths with inbred locals from a rural Yorkshire village

This blood splashing comedy horror has a sequence whereby the young offenders are stripping abandoned railway carriages of reusable parts. There is a large collection of Mk2 vehicles in a number of liveries that include Regional Railways, InterCity, Waterman Railways, Anglia, Network SouthEast, BR blue & grey and Northern Ireland Railways. This was filmed on the Dalton Airfield Industrial Estate near Thirsk, North Yorkshire, and at least fifteen stored coaches are present (as many as 34 had once been on site). Identifiable are Mk.2A BSO No.9435; Mk.2C SO No.6400; Mk.2C Micro Buffet No.6510; Mk.2B TSO No.5449; Mk.2B TSO No.5494; Mk.2E TSO No.ADB977867 (a former staff instruction coach) and Northern Ireland Railways BSG No.914 (former BR BFK No.14110). The coaches were in store for a number of organisations and private individuals, having moved from nearby Sinderby when that site closed in 2009. Several were in a quite poor state after seven+ years in the open and it seems that few, if any, were in fact on track. The site at Dalton was itself also later cleared and all the coaches were removed during 2012 to Rotherham for scrapping. Apparently, we are told in the film that Mk.3 coaches are worth more than Mk.2’s yet no Mk.3’s are actually present.

Under a threatening sky, the ‘fleet’ of Mk.2 carriages stand in a field on the former Dalton Airfield, near Thirsk
A closer view of some of the semi-derelict coaches, that in the centre being in Regional Railways livery
A view looking between two rows of stored stock, with InterCity and Network SouthEast liveries to the fore
Jo Hartley stood next to former Northern Ireland Railways InterCity Brake Standard Generator No.914. A number of NIR coaches were repatriated back to the UK and were deemed a little exotic when seen next to our coaches. The blue and white livery with black and yellow stripes was quite attractive.
A further view of some of the Mk.2 coaches with two former NIR vehicles among those visible.
This interesting elevated view shows the stored stock from a different angle.
This final view has been included to show the interior of one of the Mk.2’s. Not bad considering the years of open storage, and it was not the worst on site, but it has clearly seen better days.