1hr 54mins
Dir: Herbert Wilcox
Starring: Anna Neagle and Rex Harrison

An American Staff sergeant is billeted with a Duke during World War II

This wartime romantic drama is set on Exmoor, and some degree of authenticity has been made throughout the film to make this as realistic as possible. After being invited to the Duke’s country seat, Dean Jagger and his mate are met at the station, as you do, by the butler in a pony and trap. This used Ivybridge, and we are treated to some wonderful views of the original station that served the town prior to its closure in 1965, with one shot depicting a departing steam-hauled train. The return journey starts at Ivybridge, then becomes a Pullman train hauled by SR ‘King Arthur’ Class 4-6-0 No.780 Sir Persant, before then becoming suburban stock entering a tunnel somewhere else on the Southern. Finally, our loco becomes another ‘King Arthur’ in the form of No.773 Sir Lavaine arriving into a station platform, but we only get to see the loco from the running plate down. A second visit to the country sees Dean Jagger met at Cornwood, the next station down the line from Ivybridge – it’s probably nearer to house as they walk this time! An edited version of the film was distributed in the United States, with two additional scenes filmed in Hollywood, under the title A Yank in London.

Passengers leave the platform at Ivybridge in this rare glimpse of the original station here, which closed from 29th November 1965
Elliott Arluck and Dean Jagger have been met at Ivybridge by Parker the Butler, played by Harry Hignett. This gives a good view of the wooden station building on the upside of the line.
This excellent shot shows a steam-hauled service pulling away from the station and curving across Ivybridge Viaduct. The locomotive can be seen at the other end of the viaduct but is not identifiable. Notice the small van on the rear of the train and the milk churn in the foreground.
Although the journey to London uses the Great Western, the stock shots of the journey are all Southern! This one shows ‘King Arthur’ Class N15 No.780 Sir Persant on a Pullman train.
The locomotive’s progress is tracked as it passes, giving us a good view of the coaching stock
Birdcage Brake No.625 brings up the rear of this suburban train as it leaves a station and enters a tunnel somewhere on the Southern Railway
This is all we get to see of ‘King Arthur’ No.773 Sir Lavaine. The nameplate (unreadable) is extreme top right.
Thankfully, we just get to see the number before the camera cuts, otherwise the loco would have remained unidentified!
Anna Neagle offers a welcoming hand at Cornwood, a rare view indeed of the next station down the line from Ivybridge, which closed on 2nd March 1959
Anna Neagle and Dean Jagger make their way out of the station past the station master. This final view gives us a good glimpse of the covered footbridge, so typical of many GW stations.