1hr 47mins
Dir: Philip Davis
Starring: Reece Dinsdale and Sean Pertwee

A policeman working under cover with a gang of football hooligans becomes one himself

This hooliganism film has a scene with rowdy football fans onboard an HST, and an arrival at Sheffield station which features further HST sets. The entrances to both Sheffield station and Leicester Square Underground station also feature but perhaps the most interesting of all is the scene filmed at a football match. One of the stadiums used in this film was Rotherham United’s former Millmoor ground, which backed onto C F Booth’s infamous scrapyard, and in one shot as fans walk up the steps into the ground, a green diesel shunter and what looks to be an old carriage can be glimpsed in the background. The shunter would appear to be D.810, an 0-6-0DM built by Hudswell Clarke of Leeds in 1953 as a demonstrator. It arrived at Booth’s in August 1993 and lingered until final disposal no later than March 2002.

Drinking, chanting and playing cards. Just a general Saturday afternoon’s entertainment then. Football fans onboard an HST.
The view out of an open window as the train arrives into Sheffield shows another HST set departing
Police and their dogs form an impenetrable barrier as they await the surge of fans off the arriving HST. Platform 8 of Sheffield station.
The frontage to Sheffield station
This is Leicester Square Underground station at night
As fans pile into Millmoor football ground in Rotherham, part of Booth’s scrapyard is in the background. The little green shunter should be D.810, an 0-6-0DM built by Hudswell Clarke of Leeds in 1953 as a demonstrator and known as ‘Enterprise’.