1hr 35mins
Dirs: Basil Dearden and Michael Relph
Starring: Celia Johnson and Cecil Parker

A retired Colonial Serviceman takes on the job of a probation officer which gives him a different view of London life

This drama is based on the 1950 biographical Court Circular by Sewell Stokes and features an elevated shot of the goods yards around Brentford station, on the Southern Region. Seen from the iron footbridge that crossed the line, a number of wagons are in the yard as well as a steam locomotive, though it is not identifiable. There is a later scene in which Harry Fowler and Joan Collins are together in an alleyway and two Western Region expresses pass by in the background haze. The locomotives are not that clear, though it is likely that they are either former GWR ‘Halls’ or ‘Castles’. This appears to have been filmed adjacent to Ladbroke Grove bridge, in an area now heavily redeveloped.

This narrow iron footbridge leads to Brook Road South in Brentford, Middlesex. A steam loco is clearly present in the freight yard below.
As Harry Fowler and Joan Collins meet, a Western Region express passes by in the background. The bridge on the right appears to be that which carries Ladbroke Grove over the main line out of Paddington.
As Harry Fowler walks off another express thunders past heading the other way