Image result for Hudson Hawk 1991

1hr 40mins
Dir: Michael Lehmann
Starring: Bruce Willis and Andie MacDowell

A master burglar and safe-cracker is hired to steal a formula from the Vatican City

This action comedy features something very rare. One sequence has Bruce Willis entering an underground railway that is supposedly beneath the Vatican. In reality, the scenes were filmed on the London Post Office Railway, the 2ft gauge driverless train system beneath the streets of central London. As well as the trains, there are shots of the platform areas of Mount Pleasant station, carrying the identity of ‘Poste Vaticane’. This has been the only time so far that this overlooked system has appeared in a movie, a system accurately referred to in the film as a postal subway.

As a postal car trundles past the camera Bruce Willis and Andie MacDowell arrive onto the platform of ‘Poste Vaticane’.
The pair walk along the platform of the underground railway
As Bruce Willis looks back another postal car trundles past. This is Mount Pleasant station, London EC1.