1hr 39mins
Dir: Paul Hyett
Starring: Edward Speleers and Holly Weston

When a disparate group of passengers on a late night train are attacked by werewolves, they must band together in order to survive until morning

This terrible horror is centred entirely around a train journey, but surprisingly little ‘real’ railway action takes place. The whole film revolves around the fictional Alpha Trax train operator and their train, which was a very odd creation built in a warehouse in Croydon. The film opens and closes with a few sequences filmed at London Waterloo with Class 450 ‘Desiro’ EMU’s present, but nothing else of note features in this production. Two of the 450’s at Waterloo can be identified as 450078 and 450105. Note that the movie posters display a Class 185 DMU which, rather curiously, is the Siemens diesel equivalent of a Class 450!

Ed Speleers at London Waterloo with Class 450 EMU’s on either side
This shot has been included as it shows the spurious Alpha Trax emblem on the side of this ‘Desiro’. One vehicle number of this set was 63678, which makes it 450078.
As Ed Speleers leaves the platform, Class 450 No.450105 is in the background
Waterloo station at night
As the train departs London, our intrepid character begins his duties. This is the rather industrial interior of the train that was used as the setting for the majority of the film. The only time we ever see anything of interest outside the window was during this initial departure sequence. Visible through the window is a Class 455 EMU.