How to Get Ahead in Advertising - Wikipedia

1hr 34mins
Dir: Bruce Robinson
Starring: Richard E. Grant and Rachel Ward

A rebellious advertising executive grows a boil that turns into another head

This rather odd farce has an interesting comedy scene filmed onboard a train made up of Network SouthEast Mk2 rolling stock, with Mk2B First Class Composite No.13442 and Mk2A Corridor Brake First No.17085 prominent. The scene was filmed at Didcot Parkway, which posed as ‘Datchet’, but not all is as it seems. A look out of the window as the train is arriving into the station very clearly shows Reading, suggesting filming took place on at least two different trains. The locomotive at the head of the train in the platform scene at Didcot is largely obscured from view but sounds like a Class 50.

We may wish to return to the days of real trains but did anyone really think that orange and black was a good colour combination for interior decor
As the commuters get up to leave, fearful of Richard E Grant’s vociferous ranting, the view out of the window shows the Caversham Road bridge on the approach to Reading station. The brick building with white windows is the fire station and the large white building opposite is the old postal sorting office.
Only when we see Richard E Grant, Didcot Parkway is outside the window!
The commuters have alighted at ‘Datchet’. Richard E Grant says in the film that ‘getting off at Datchet won’t help you, getting off anywhere won’t help you’!! This is platform 5 at Didcot Parkway, looking west.
Now looking east from platform 5, Richard E. Grant continues to scream and shout as the train pulls out of Didcot Parkway