Hot Millions (1968)

1hr 46mins
Dir: Eric Till
Starring: Peter Ustinov and Maggie Smith

A confidence trickster makes millions out of fake companies

This caper features brief shots of Peter Ustinov at London Paddington station with Mk.1 coaching stock present but no locomotives. There are also two very brief shots of passing express trains that have both been severely edited. The first is hauled by a Class 52 ‘Western’ diesel-hydraulic and the second is formed of a Met-Camm Blue Pullman DMU.

This is the old taxi rank between platforms 8 and 9 at Paddington with Mk1 coaching stock in the former
And a moment later Peter Ustinov gets out of the taxi. Note that the coaches are in both BR coaching stock maroon and the later BR corporate blue and grey. 1968 was a year of transition.
A Class 52 heads away from the camera in the first of the edited stock shots
A Blue Pullman DMU passes by in closeup in this second edited stock shot