Image result for Hot Fuzz 2007

2hrs 01min
Dir: Edgar Wright
Starring: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

After being sent to a peaceful village, a tough and uncompromising London cop becomes involved in a series of strange ‘accidents’

This satirical action comedy proved a big success and there is a short railway sequence at the beginning. Simon Pegg takes a train journey to Sandford in ‘Gloucestershire’ and we see montage footage of him onboard trains, with brief glimpses of 1972-built Northern Line tube stock, almost certainly the one stored on the Aldwych branch, a Class 390 ‘Pendolino’ EMU and a Class 165 ‘Turbo’ DMU. He is also seen sat on the platform of Denham Golf Club station and two Class 165 ‘Turbo’ DMUs pass through, one of which is No.165006.

Simon Pegg onboard a 1972-built Northern Line tube train
Then onboard a Virgin Trains Class 390 ‘Pendolino’
And finally a Class 165 Chiltern Railways DMU
Simon Pegg on the platform of Denham Golf Club station as Class 165 ‘Turbo’ DMU No.165006 passes through