1hr 30mins
Dir: William Kronick
Starring: Harvey Lembeck and Sinéad Cusack

An American detective goes to Dublin on vacation and helps the local police in a murder investigation

This poor crime thriller suffers not only the problem of trying to rework an over familiar storyline, but also from an identity crisis. Depending on which source, it seems to be known as either A Likely Story or Horowitz in Dublin, and also had the alternative US title of Dublin Murder. It features a single shot of a passenger train passing along an embankment at the end of a street. Although it is a little obscured by the actors in the shot, the train consists of a Metro-Vick 001 Class diesel hauling Cravens stock. 1974 was the first year in which this vulnerable class began to be withdrawn.

A Metro-Vick Class 001 diesel is just creeping into shot at the bottom of this street. A similar view appears in Murder in Eden (qv), and this is likely the railway between Lansdowne Road and Westland Row stations in Dublin.
The locomotive is now obscured by Clive Geraghty but the Cravens coaching stock is much clearer