Cinema Poster: HONEST 2000 (Quad) Nicole Appleton All Saints | eBay

1hr 45mins
Dir: David Stewart
Starring: Peter Facinelli and Annette Badland

In 1960s London, a group of female thieves commit crimes disguised as men

This absolutely dreadful crime caper starred three members of the British/Canadian girl group All Saints but it was so bad it now lies totally forgotten. It was pulled from the UK cinemas only a week after its release due to negative box office returns, all this despite a massive advertising campaign, and it is classed as one of the worst UK films of all time. It includes a truly terrible getaway scene filmed on the Aldwych branch using 1972-built tube stock with Aldwych station masquerading in this instance as Mornington Crescent. The train is of course wholly anachronistic for a film set in 1968.

This is the interior of the ‘Aldwych Branch’ train. Note the Northern Line route maps for what is a train of 1972 Piccadilly Line tube stock.
These closed gates at Aldwych are at the end of the long corridor entrance from the Strand
This, meanwhile, is part of the ticket hall at the station
Passengers board the 1972 stock train at Aldwych
And as it departs we get to see the rundown nature of the platform
As Sean Gilder watches the train leave, the posters behind him do their best to cover the shabby patchwork of the wall