1hr 22mins
Dir: Arthur Crabtree
Starring: Sandra Dorne and Brian Worth

An independent-minded young woman insists on her right to enjoy a sexual flirtation regardless of the disapproval of family or society

This was the final remake of the classic drama and it appeared twenty-one years after the last. Although it was a valid and accurate portrayal of the period, it bore little resemblance to the original stories. It was not well received as social attitudes had changed since the Second World War and it was seen as somewhat anachronistic. Ultimately, it was the use of the title Hindle Wakes that probably let it down; the film was released as Holiday Week in the US. Despite all this, the film does feature some excellent railway scenes, and these start with some good shots at Preston station. An Ivatt 2MT Class 2-6-0 is visible on one train whilst in another, a passenger service leaves the former platform 8 behind ex-LMS Stanier Class 4P 2 Cylinder 2-6-4T No.42481, followed by a shot of carmine & cream coaching stock passing on an express. There are a couple of stock shots showing crowds disembarking from trains at Blackpool Central station, but for a film centreing on the Lancashire resort there are very few shots of the trams. However, there is excellent, but brief footage of an altogether different tram. The lead characters make a journey to Llandudno, and there is a good shot of them climbing the Great Orme in 3’ 6” gauge Great Orme Tramway tram car No.4.

Holiday trains and holiday crowds at Preston. The steam locomotive on the left is an Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-0.
This excellent shot shows Stanier Class 4P 2 Cylinder 2-6-4T No.42481 pulling out of Preston’s platform 8, now platform 6 (if that makes sense!)
The train journey to Blackpool is represented with this stock shot of a passing express
We do not see the locomotive, but we see the majority of the train pass by
This is not Paris, and that’s not the Eiffel Tower. This is Blackpool Central station with crowds disembarking from excursions trains.
There’s that tower again. In this view along North Promenade a balloon tram can be seen in the background.
This is the only other Blackpool tram to feature in the film, but it is a rare view from onboard one. Lisa Daniely and Brian Worth take a sightseeing trip in an open top boat car. Blackpool Central Pier is in the background.
Ty-Gwyn Road, Llandudno, and tram car No.4 begins its ascent of the Great Orme
Passengers enjoy the ride in Great Orme Railway No.4