1hr 30mins
Dir: Roy Boulting
Starring: Liam Redmond and André Morell

Enemy saboteurs infiltrate industrial suburbs intending to disable power generating stations throughout the UK

This espionage thriller was filmed in the style of the American ‘docudramas’ and in one scene the saboteurs infiltrate Battersea Power Station by hiding onboard a freight train that has been shunted by a ‘named’ industrial Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. 0-4-0ST. It is doubtful though that this scene was actually filmed at Battersea because the freight train consist features a privately-owned refrigerated van.

This is good shot of an industrial loco in the form of an Andrew Barclay saddle tank. The wording on the wagon on the left reads ‘GW LO’ could that be the Great Western Loco Department?
This is the view looking the other way. Assuming this to be the same place as the above then there are a number of interesting spectacles here. First is what looks to be a refrigerated fish van behind the approaching railwayman but the company name isn’t quite readable. Secondly, another steam loco is in the background doimg its own spot of shunting.