2hrs 33mins
Dir: David Yates
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson

Harry Potter becomes obsessed with a mysterious textbook

There are shots of No.5972 and train passing across Rannoch Moor in the West Highlands and again, the mock up station film set seen initially in The Order of the Phoenix (qv) is used as ‘Hogsmeade’. The later shots of the ‘Hogwarts Express’ rushing through the snowy landscape were filmed in Norway, around Bjorli, on the Raumabanen railway line running between Oslo and the Norwegian fjord region. The train was then superimposed over the image showing just how far the stories had progressed. There is in fact quite a bit more that is railway related in this movie, but blink and you’ll miss most of it. The opening scenes feature shots of the River Thames from the Millenium Bridge and from the air, with Blackfriars, Cannon Street and Charing Cross stations all visible with distant trains noticeable in some views. As part of the London ‘montage’ there is a very, very, brief glimpse of the frontages to Leicester Square Underground station as the Death Eaters swoop through the London streets. There is then a most unusual magical experience that takes place on the platforms of Surbiton station, with Class 444 and Class 455 EMUs visible in this sequence. This is the film in which Harry Potter tells Dumbledore that he ‘likes riding around on trains as it takes his mind off things!’ See, trains are cool.

As the Death Eaters begin there descent on London, Charing Cross station is visible on the right with a train on Hungerford Bridge.
Both entrances to Leicester Square can be seen in this view of the Charing Cross Road
A Death Eater swoops past the Millennium Bridge and the view up the Thames has first Southwark Bridge, then Cannon Street railway bridge with train, and finally Tower Bridge beyond that.
Leaving a trail of destruction in their wake the Death Eaters leave London behind. St. Paul’s bridge and Blackfriars station are on the extreme left.
Surbiton station at night and as a Class 444 ‘Desiro’ sweeps past the camera a Class 455 is calling at platform 4 in the background
Michael Gambon on platform 4 of Surbiton station
Barely making an impact on such an inhospitable landscape, the ‘Hogwarts Express’ crosses Rannoch Moor
A broadside view of the entire train, Olton Hall at the front plus five maroon Mk1s, again on Rannoch Moor
For the record this is Norway and the British train in the form of the ‘Hogwarts Express’ has been superimposed over the Raumabanen railway train but don’t tell anyone!!