1hr 13mins
Dir: Cecil Williamson
Starring: John Witty and Patricia Laffan

A doctor is framed for murder after being called out to a ship that is docked in London where a mysterious patient has suffered an accident

This crime film was based on the BBC Serial by Lester Powell but it is a pretty poor spectacle in terms of dialogue and acting. Its one redeeming feature is a decent shot of a branch train arriving into St. Ives station hauled by ex-GWR 4500-series 2-6-2T No.4525.

A typical GWR branch train approaches St. Ives in the hands of a 4500-series 2-6-2T. Note the bay platform on the right that is home to a lengthy mixed goods.
The train pulls into the platform and reveals the identity of the ‘Small Prairie’ to be none other than No.4525.
The passengers have alighted and form an orderly queue for the ticket collector standing at the exit. St Ives again, and this is a good view of the former station building.