1hr 50mins
Dir: Craig Rosenburg
Starring: Demi Moore and Hans Matheson

After the death of her son a novelist heads for Scotland but is then haunted by him

This mystery-horror has a rather bizarre scene filmed at Bodmin General station, which is masquerading as ‘Oban’ of all places. The scene shows a night time arrival of the Bodmin & Wenford Railway’s two-car class 108 DMU which waits very briefly at the station before departing again. Bizarrely, the DMU plays the part of an EMU and there is an arc flash from the units ‘collector shoe’ which plays an integral part in the story reminding Hans Matheson of a camera flash!

A Class 108 DMU departs Bodmin General station at night
Hans Matheson at Bodmin General
The Class 108 arrives back at Bodmin General. The electrical arcing from the diesel (!?) unit plays a major part in the story. It is not very convincing but it does light up the adjacent rolling stock in the form of chocolate and cream-liveried Mk.1s