Dir: Max McGill
Starring: Sam Philips and Anna Skellern

After a big night out, a young man wakes up with a prostitute and an unwanted tattoo which he must explain upon his girlfriend’s imminent return

This short London-based film is described as a ‘pitch black unromantic comedy’. It features some scenes at the end that were filmed at London St Pancras station, with good shots of Class 373 ‘Eurostar’ sets. Half Hearted was highly acclaimed at the time it premiered at the 2010 BFI London Film Festival and has since screened at numerous international festivals, received television distribution, and has been selected for the BFI archive. Director Max McGill told the Londonist “Shooting in the station was a bit tricky, we were only allowed to be in there for four hours, which is no time at all for filming, and we only had 10 crew including three actors. We ended up having other actors and crew members hidden in cafes and toilets in disguise who would sneak over when no one was watching.”

As the couple meet up, a Eurostar looks on
The film ends with this overall view of St Pancras in all its modern day finery with three Eurostar sets in attendance