2hrs 23mins
Dir: George Sidney
Starring: Tommy Steele and Pamela Brown

A draper’s assistant inherits a fortune and moves into society

This popular musical is adapted from the stage musical of the same name, which was based on Kipps: The Story of a Simple Soul, a 1905 novel by H.G. Wells. During the title sequence at the start of the film there is a lingering shot of one of the 1’ 11 ½” gauge Swindon-built 2-6-2Ts of the Vale of Rheidol Railway. This narrow-gauge Welsh railway was the last steam railway owned by British Rail until it was privatised in 1989. Although the line has been much filmed over the years, it is very rare to see it appear in a feature film. This is its only such appearance so far.

The Vale of Rheidol train captured steaming through the countryside at the very beginning of the film