1hr 33mins
Dir: Ivan Živković
Starring: Goran Šušljik and Suzana Lukić

A Serbian living in Huddersfield travels back to his home village for a reunion with friends

Hadersfild (Serbian phonetic spelling of Huddersfield) is a Serbian drama based on the play of the same name by Uglješe Šajtinca. Although filmed entirely in its native homeland there are a handful of establishing shots of the West Yorkshire town that include Paddock Viaduct and the station itself. The film has proven to be a hit within Serbia and has played at the International Thessaloniki Film Festival in Greece, receiving rave reviews from critics.

This is the very opening shot of the film, and shows the view from the top of Springdale Street looking northwest twoards Paddock Viaduct. The steel girder span on the left crosses the Huddersfield Narrow Canal and can be seen in Between Two Women (2000).
The magnificent Grade 1 edifice of Huddersfield station, seen here in all its finery