1hr 33mins
Dir: James Nunn
Starring: Scott Adkins and Joey Ansah

A reformed football hooligan returns to London to avenge the death of his younger brother

Like the first movie, Green Street (qv), there are plenty of railway scenes in this film, but at least the continuity is a damned sight better. The film opens with Scott Adkins travelling down to London and we see him onboard a ‘Voyager’ DEMU and then waiting on the platform of an unknown West Coast main line station. A Freightliner is shown passing through, but it is edited in such a way that we do not see the loco. He then boards an unknown train that may well be a Class 350 ‘Desiro’ EMU because that is the class that features in further onboard scenes that includes an arrival at London Euston. There is a brief, blurred glimpse of a Class 390 ‘Pendolino’ at Euston, but throughout the film there are plenty of good shots of 1996-built Jubilee Line underground stock and DLR units in the Star Lane area of Canning Town. A scene of massed hooligans outside Bruce Grove station is a particularly good piece of continuity as Bruce Grove is the nearest station to Tottenham Hotspurs’ White Hart Lane ground where many rival ‘meet ups’ over the years have taken place. Finally, there is a shot of the London Eye at dusk with a ‘train’ crossing Hungerford Bridge and in a night fight scene in a scrapyard, there is a partial glimpse of a ‘Networker’ EMU passing above the crowd on the viaduct behind.

Scotts Adkins on an as yet unidentified station somewhere on the West Coast main line. This must surely be easy enough to identify. Can anyone help?
A Freightliner passes through but although we see some of the station more clearly, we do not see the locomotive.
Scott Adkins boards a train, possibly a Class 350 ‘Desiro’ EMU, or maybe a Class 323. Either way he has swapped platforms. In the earlier shots he was on an island platform, now he has crossed over to platform 1 which was viewed through the Freightliner train in the above shot.
Scott Adkins travelling down to London onboard a Class 350 ‘Desiro’. A view out of the window shows a passing station with church behind. Any ideas which station?
Having arrived at London he leaves the train. The arrival showed Euston through the window. This is the interior of a London Midland Class 350. I have always quite liked the green seat moquette.
This is the entrance to Bruce Grove station, London N17
A Docklands Light Railway unit crosses the landscape on a viaduct in an as yet unknown location.
A Jubilee Line train of 1996-built tube stock passes alongside Stephenson Road just to the west of Star Lane DLR station.
And from a near identical viewpoint we see a pair of Docklands Light Railway units.