Wicked Wife (1953) - IMDb

1hr 20mins
Dir: Bob McNaught
Starring: Nigel Patrick and Moira Lister

A racehorse trainer accidentally kills his wife only for subsequent events to then clear him of suspected murder

Despite part of the plot of this thriller making use of a journey by train, all this appears as studio sets and model work. There is, however, one night shot of Nigel Patrick leaving a train at a level crossing. It is not known where exactly this scene was filmed, and it seems rather out of sync with the rest of the film, which is set in Liverpool. It is also rather confusing in the fact that the train that comes to a halt is a Southern Region 4 SUB EMU, yet Nigel Patrick then jumps down to track level from a GWR coach! The film was based on Campbell and Dorothy Christie’s 1945 play, which was also presented as a BBC Radio serial in 1946. It was released in the US in 1955 as Wicked Wife.

A 4 SUB EMU draws to a halt on a level crossing in the fog
Having bailed out, Nigel Patrick shuts the door behind him. The EPB EMU has now morphed into a GWR coach!
This shot also appears in this railway sequence. It shows Nigel Patrick sitting in a studio-bound carriage with a train passing behind. The ‘train’ seems to be that which appeared in A Run For Your Money and Stop Press Girl (both 1949) showing what is thought to be a GWR ‘Castle’ but it turns into a model! All rather odd.