1hr 27mins
Dir: Nick Love
Starring: Phil Daniels and Dani Behr

A young Londoner enjoys drugs, casual sex and generally hanging out with his friends, before trying to make something of his life

This drama has a shot of the frontage to Ickenham Underground station on the Metropolitan Line, though the sign at the entrance reads ‘Debden’, a station on the Central Line on the other side of London. Director Nick Love superimposed the word ‘Debden’ over the ‘Ickenham’ wording of the sign, though quite why he chose to shoot the scene at Ickenham instead of Debden remains unclear. There are also some night time shots of the London skyline taken looking out of the window of a Docklands Light Railway unit, and several DLR trains pass by in extreme close up.

This is not Debden station at all but, rather confusingly, Ickenham