2hrs 10mins
Dir: Martin Campbell
Starring: Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean

James Bond goes to Russia to search for a master criminal intent on destroying the electronic world

The elaborate railway sequence in this, the seventeenth all action Bond movie, saw a Russian train crash into a tank parked in a tunnel. Filmed on the Nene Valley Railway, the scene involved Class 20 No.20188 coupled to a pair of already condemned Mk.1 coaches, the loco and stock being owned by Pete Waterman at the time. The 20 was heavily-disguised to look like an armoured Soviet loco, with a huge battering ram-type addition to the front end and side guard plates over the bogies. The loco was also renumbered 715-5623 and was adorned with large bodyside red stars and cabside soviet-style arms on a weathered grey livery that was very different to the LNWR black which it already carried. The first short scene was shot at the old sugar beet factory (now part of the Sugar Way housing estate, Woodston) and showed some of the characters boarding the train as it leaves on a short length of track temporarily laid down by the production company. The main sequence which followed was filmed at Mill Road Bridge, Castor, with the bridge ‘rebuilt’ to look as if it was actually a tunnel rather than just a bridge. In the film, the train hurtles down the track passing through Ferry Meadows station, before running into the tunnel where it crashes into the tank, which then explodes. Although the initial plan was to actually use a real tank, a fibreglass model was used instead when it became apparent that a real tank would probably cause damage to the Class 20. The two Mk.1 coaches had full underframe valancing, extended body panels, iron bars across the windows, red stars and a large roof-mounted ‘pod’ on one. The two Mk.1s were TSO No.4913 and BSK No.35454, both renumbered for filming. They remained on the line for a short while after before eventually being cut up on site still in their film disguise.

This is actually a rather fine shot. The Class 20 is framed among the industrial architecture of the former Woodston sugar beet factory, its Soviet red star clearly visible.
Looking like a submarine in dry dock, Pete Waterman’s Class 20 has been ‘converted’ into something all the more menacing.
Other than the final collision there is little real railway action in the film but we do get this shot of the train hurtling through Ferry Meadows station on the Nene Valley Railway.
Seemingly an impenetrable fortress, the flame proof 20 is heading towards destruction.
The point of impact is captured as the Class 20 meets a tank head on beneath Mill Road Bridge.
This shot has been included to show the extant at which the Mk.1 coaches were disguised. Whereas there are features that give the locomotives identity away as a Class 20, these two really do not look like standard BR coaching stock at all.