Dir: Jason Wingard
Starring: Aqib Khan and Jack Carroll

Half-brothers Omar and Pete decide to go to Blackpool to scatter their fathers ashes

This short film won best comedy at the Manchester International Film Festival and was later adapted into a feature length production called Eaten by Lions (qv). It features an opening shot of Class 142 ‘Pacer’ DMU No.142032 pulling away from Blackpool Pleasure Beach station, plus a truncated shot of a Flexity 2 tram running along the promenade. The disused tramway is also seen in one establishing shot of Blackpool’s North Pier.

Aqib Khan and Jack Carroll at Blackpool Pleasure Beach station with Class 142 ‘Pacer’ No.142032 in the background. The station reappeared in the feature length movie Eaten by Lions with a Class 150 ‘Sprinter’ playing the part of the ‘Pacer’ (qv).
The pair are on the promenade as a Flexity 2 tram passes out of shot
This shot of the North Pier shows the disused tramway, which put in an appearence when operational in the 1993 comedy Bhaji on the Beach (qv)