Dir: Jan Darnley-Smith
Starring: Dennis Waterman and Wilfrid Brambell

A gang of children enter a go-kart race, but their rivals try to stop them from winning

This Children’s Film Foundation production used Rye House Kart Circuit, Hertfordshire, now one of the oldest in the country. In the background of many scenes is the overhead catenary of the Lea Valley line plus the girder bridge over the River Lea itself. Trains do creep into the background of two of the early scenes, but they are sadly edited in such a way that only the coaching stock is visible. There are also a number of scenes filmed in an unknown rail-served scrapyard.

A race is underway at Rye House Kart Circuit in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. In the background haze, a train is passing out of shot.
This is the first we see of the rail-served scrapyard. Although filmed at an unknown location there is a possible clue in the form of the tall brick chimney in the background which is branded, or is advertising, FIRESTONE. (With thanks to reelstreets on this one).
Wilfrid Brambell watches on as children ‘borrow’ Army surplus mopeds to help with their go kart. Are those cooling towers in the distant murk?
This shot of the final race has been added as it shows in the background the steel girder bridge that carries the Lea Valley Line over the River Lea.