1hr 48mins
Dir: Peter Webb
Starring: Paul McCartney and Tracey Ullman

Paul McCartney’s recording of his new album is complicated by the fact that the master tapes of his recordings are missing

This musical drama covers a fictional day in the life of Paul McCartney, but it is all a bit obscure. Despite the film being unsuccessful in the box office both financially and critically, its soundtrack album sold well. The title is a take on George M. Cohan’s classic show tune Give My Regards to Broadway, and makes reference to London’s Broad Street railway station, which would close in 1986. In one of the last scenes of the film, McCartney walks around the deserted and rundown concourse of the station, which is closing up for the night, and a number of Class 501 EMUs are present, in both plain blue and blue & grey liveries. There are then scenes with Paul sitting on a bench at the end of the platforms and, throughout all this, there are some good clear shots of the station. These scenes proved to be a final fitting tribute to the station, now completely redeveloped and largely forgotten. During the Broad Street flashback sequence, there is a shot of the entrance to Leicester Square Underground station and, due to a strange quirk of fate, it is the now closed former Little Newport Street entrance on the corner with Charing Cross Road.

Paul McCartney arrives outside the rather grandiose but rundown entrance to ‘British Rail Broad Street’
And ascends the stairs up to the concourse
The deserted concourse at Broad Street, with Paul McCartney wandering around, hands in pockets
The last train of the day pulls out formed of a blue Class 501 EMU. Other Class 501’s in blue and grey are stabled on the left.
Paul McCartney walks down the platform in the rain as Class 501’s are berthed overnight on the left
This is a fine shot. The station lights and those of the tower block behind reflect off the rain soaked platform but it is clear that the station has seen better days. Class 501’s in the background are nearing the end of their working life too. Within two years all would be gone so this is a fine tribute to the former North London Railway terminus at Broad Street.
Whilst reminiscing about his past, Paul McCartney pictures himself busking outside of Leicester Square Underground station. By a strange quirk of fate, this entrance on Little Newport Street has also now closed and has been converted into a retail outlet.