1hr 14mins
Dir: Vernon Sewell
Starring: Dermot Walsh and Hazel Court

A newlywed couple buy a boat for a holiday, but strange things begin to happen onboard

Some scenes in this decent little thriller were filmed at Fishersgate Halt, West Sussex, with excellent shots of vintage Southern Railway EMUs. Those that feature include 2 BIL units 2020, 2111 and 2116, plus 2 NOL set No.1832.

2 BIL unit No.2116 arrives into Fishersgate Halt on a headcode 1 service, a Brighton – West Worthing all stations stopper
Dermot Walsh and Hazel Court at Fishersgate, with its modest little weatherboard building behind. Note the backdrop of period posters, SOUTHERN ‘sunshine’ branding, and single, wire protected lamp. The latter in particular seems quite temporary in appearence!
2 BIL EMU No.2111 (with set 2020 trailing) arrives at Fishersgate station working headcode 35, a Brighton-Littlehampton stopper
As passengers leave the station, 2 NOL EMU No.1832 arrives in the opposite platform on another Headcode 1, this time to Brighton