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1hr 49mins
Dir: Nicholas Stoller
Starring: Russell Brand and Rose Byrne

A record company intern is hired to accompany an out-of-control British rock star to a concert at L.A.’s Greek Theater

The fact that a view of Britain’s railways can crop up purely by chance in the most unexpected of ways is shown to great effect in this off-the-wall but actually quite funny American comedy. There are some scenes filmed on the roof top balcony of Russell Brand’s London flat on the Albert Embankment in Lambeth, and in the background of two shots, there are brief glimpses of South West Trains Class 455 and Class 450 ‘Desiro’ EMUs winding their way between London Waterloo and Vauxhall stations.

Russell Brand on his balcony with a Class 455 over his right hand shoulder
And in this second shot a Class 450 is to his right