1hr 43mins
Dir: Mike Hodges
Starring: Michael Caine and Rosemarie Dunham

A London gangster goes to Newcastle to avenge his brother’s death

Based on the 1969 novel Jack’s Return Home by Ted Lewis, this successful crime thriller has some very good railway scenes. The film’s opening begins with a train journey from London to Newcastle and we get shots onboard Mk2 coaching stock and some excellent drivers-eye views. Locations identifiable in these views are as follows: entering Barnet Tunnel with a Cravens Class 105 DMU very briefly glimpsed exiting, leaving Hadley Wood North Tunnel, approaching Arch Road over the railway to the south of Great Wymondley near Hitchin, the overbridges just north of Biggleswade, the now demolished cooling towers of Little Barford Generating Station, the approach to Peascliffe Tunnel and the yards around the Doncaster area. Viewed through the window of the train during this sequence are the British Oil & Cake Mills facility at Barlby on the approach to Selby in Yorkshire (still on the ECML at this time) and Newcastle Central station. The Class 55 ‘Deltic’ that passes on an express was at the site of Tempsford station, closed in 1956. Later in Newcastle itself, there are shots of King Edward VII Bridge and the High Level Bridge with several expresses made up of Mk1 coaches present on the former, and a DMU and a light engine Class 25 visible on the latter. The film ends with a chase on the northeast coast with the rail served North Blyth coal staithes featuring prominently in this sequence.

This is thought to be the entrance to Barnet Tunnel and as we enter a Cravens Class 105 DMU exits
This is the exit of Hadley Wood North Tunnel, heading north. Potters Bar Tunnel is just around the approaching bend.
Approaching Arch Road over the railway to the south of Great Wymondley near Hitchin
This bridge takes High Street over the line about 100 metres north of Biggleswade station. Crab Lane bridge is further on.
The now demolished cooling towers of Little Barford Generating Station
The Class 55 ‘Deltic’ passes on an express at the site of Tempsford station, Bedfordshire
In the foreground is a rather battered Austin A55 Cambridge car. In the background is King Edward VII Bridge across the Tyne in Newcastle. An express made up of Mk1 coaches is crossing probably with a Class 47 at the head (the locomotive is top left).
As the coaster MV Corbank heads up river an unidentifiable DMU is just glimpsed as it begins to cross the High Level bridge
In a view from the lower deck of the double-deck High Level bridge, a locomotive-hauled express can be seen at a stand on King Edward VII bridge
This is the High Level bridge with the railway on the upper deck and the roadway beneath. Just coming into view in the right hand background is a Class 25 diesel running light. This was filmed at a hard standing off Queen’s Lane, Newcastle.
With the buffer of a coal wagon to the fore, this is North Side coal staithe, still very much rail served at the time. The staithes are still extant, though derelict and skeletal after a fire in 1980.
North Staithe was in Blyth, Northumberland