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1hr 55mins
Dir: Terence Young
Starring: Sean Connery and Robert Shaw

James Bond deals with a Russian spy out to kill him and steal a coding machine

A lot of action in this, the second Bond movie, takes place on a train heading across Europe from Istanbul. Although most of the scenes were filmed on the Continent three shots of British trains have been amusingly slipped in, all featuring LmR expresses at night hauled by 4-6-0’s. The first is hauled by a ‘Royal Scot’, but the other two are in the hands of ‘Jubilee’s’ and are hardly what you would expect to see on a train from Istanbul! The shot of the ‘Royal Scot’ possibly shows No.46157 The Royal Artilleryman and it has also been seen in The Set Up and Heavens Above! (both also 1963), Night Train to Paris (1964), then in the 1965 Amicus anthology film Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors before finally reappearing in The Thirty Nine Steps (1978) (all qv). It also appeared in the very first episode of The Saint TV series, The Talented Husband, which aired on 4th October 1962.

The familiar ‘stock shot’ of a ‘Royal Scot’ obscured in this instance by a map of Europe
This second shot of a British train shows a ‘Jubilee’-hauled express heading away from the camera towards a station
The third shot shows another ‘Jubilee’-hauled express passing through a station. All three of these shots are probably at the same location, believed to be somewhere on the southern end of the Midland main line. Although their origin is not known, the shots were possibly taken for a British Transport Films production.