1hr 23mins
Dir: Gareth Carrivick
Starring: Marc Wootton and Anna Faris

While drinking at their local pub, three social dropouts attempt to navigate a time-travel conundrum

This┬ácomic science fiction is often considered to be one of the worst films to have been released during the first decade of the 21st century. It is bad, though mildly amusing at times. Towards the end of the film our time-travelling trio are walking close to some viaduct arches as a pair of Class 375 ‘Electrostar’ EMU’s pass across. Very soon afterwards as the portal to a parallel universe arrives on the scene another train crosses the bridge. It could be a ‘Networker’ EMU, but it is largely obscured. It is not known where these scenes were shot, though it is probably somewhere in southeast London.

The night shot of a pair of Class 375 EMU’s crossing a viaduct
Passing across the top of this brightly lit shot is a train. The time portal is a clever CGI creation but the train is real. The window layout suggests that it could be a ‘Networker’ EMU.