1hr 34mins
Dir: Richard Sarafian
Starring: David Hemmings and Gayle Hunnicutt

A young British author is plunged into a nightmare as he tries to solve his aunt’s murder in Italy

Adapted from the book A Fragment of Fear (1965) by John Bingham, this intelligent thriller is really rather good. It features a scene filmed at Bank, on the Waterloo & City Line, with one of the line’s Class 487 EMUs. During production, a Waterloo & City train ran into the buffer stops at the end of the station with David Hemmings, Gayle Hunnicutt and 10 extras suffering minor injuries. Despite the use of Bank station, Hemmings and Hunnicut are seen exiting one of the street level entrances to Chancery Lane. There are also several lingering shots filmed on the travolator at Bank. In addition to this there is an excellent shot near the end of the film of a Class 42/43 ‘Warship’ diesel-hydraulic passing Ruscombe on an express at dusk and the film ends with a drivers-eye view of a train entering a tunnel somewhere on the Southern Region. Included in the film are several scenes filmed onboard a train, probably inside a Mk.1.

This is platform 7 at Bank on the Waterloo & City Line, known to all as ‘The Drain’. The train is one of the English Electric units of 1940 vintage and later classified Class 487. The leading vehicle is S 54.
Passengers ride the travelator at Bank station. First opened in September 1960, the 92m (303ft) long sloping walkway is officially called the Trav-O-lator.
As the sun sets on another day we are treated to this particularly fine shot of a ‘Warship’ diesel-hydraulic passing Ruscombe, east of Twyford, in Berkshire
I have yet to identify this tunnel, somewhere on the Southern Region. It may be Bletchingley, in Surrey.