1hr 27mins
Dir: Mike Binder
Starring: Colin Firth and Irène Jacob

The lives of a group of friends in London over a number of years

This rom-com maybe tepid at best but it does feature some scenes on the platforms of London Waterloo station. A variety of units are visible including Class 159 DMUs, and Class 455, Class 411 and Class 423 EMU’s. One of the latter is No.3427, identifiable through MBSO vehicle No.62184. The 159’s have proved very shy and this is the only known film so far in which they make an appearance. There is also a scene filmed in Knightsbridge with the entrance to the Underground station just visible behind.

The railway scenes open with this shot of the concourse at London Waterloo
Irène Jacob on the platform at Waterloo with a Stagecoach-liveried Class 455 behind
As her and Colin Firth walk down the platform the Class 455 has changed into a Network SouthEast-liveried example. The clock is the giveaway. It says 12:09 now but 11:16 in the shot above!!
This excellent shot filmed at 13:15 shows a pair of Class 159 DMU’s in the foreground with a Class 455 EMU beyond
As Irène Jacob fumbles with her bags has Colin Firth come to help? No, he’s just come to say how much he loves her.
As the camera pans around to show Colin Firth walking towards his true love the 159 DMU’s have transformed into Class 423 4 VEP EMU No.3427. Oh dear.
For a film set mostly in London it is unusual for the London Underground not to put in an appearance. This is as good as it gets. From right to left we have a London bus, Christopher Lawford, Mariel Hemingway, Mike Binder and the entrance to Knightsbridge station.