Image result for Four in the Morning 1965

1hr 34mins
Dir: Anthony Simmons
Starring: Ann Lynn and Norman Rodway

The parallel stories of two couples in crisis and their connection to a drowned woman found in the Thames

There are some good scenes in this award winning and moody drama that were filmed at a busy Aldgate station. London Transport ‘CO/CP’ stock trains on District and Circle line services are present in these scenes, as well as an A stock train on a Metropolitan Line service. There is also a shot earlier in the film of a District Line service crossing the Thames on Kew Railway Bridge. A number of scenes were filmed inside the London Transport trains and there is a final shot near the end of a 4 CEP Class 411 EMU crossing the Thames on Cannon Street Railway Bridge.

The scenes on the Underground open with this shot of a train of CO/CP stock leaving Aldgate
Brian Phelan and Ann Lynn disagree with each other on the footbridge at Aldgate
Reluctantly leaving his girl at the station, Brian Phelan makes his way to platform 2 alone
An overall view of the busy footbridge at Aldgate, little changed from today
An interesting shot looking through an open door of an early ‘C’ stock train at Aldgate. Another similar train is in the platform opposite.
An A stock train departs from Aldgate on a Metropolitan Line service
The first railway shot in the film is of this District line train crossing Kew Railway Bridge on a damp morning. The Thames is still tidal at this point.
As one bridge opens the railway scenes another conveniently closes them. A Class 411 4 CEP EMU has just departed Cannon Street and crosses Cannon Street Railway Bridge. Southwark Bridge can be seen beyond and the little pinnacle above the third coach belongs to St. Paul’s Cathedral.