Image result for First A Girl 1935 movie

1hr 34mins
Dir: Victor Saville
Starring: Jessie Matthews and Sonnie Hale

A delivery girl becomes a musical star by taking on the role of her male friend

This marvellous musical is a really polished production. It had been adapted from the 1933 German film Viktor und Viktoria and was a huge success at the time of its release. There is a montage sequence involving a theatre tour from Britain to the Continent with the all too brief glimpses of a train. In this case though the footage is largely indistinguishable and it is almost impossible to make anything out. The film is still worth watching though for the usual playful performance from the vivacious Jessie Matthews (was there ever a performance from her that did not send the heart into a flutter?).

Behind both Sonnie Hale and Jessie Matthews is a passing train, the cab of the steam locomotive just about discernible. This shot appears along with the classic ‘wheels and motion’ and ‘rolling track’ images that always appear in such montages but little else of note can be made out.