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2hrs 10mins
Dir: Justin Lin
Starring: Vin Diesel and Jordana Brewster

A professional criminal gang is reassembled to take down a team of mercenaries

This all-action film is the sixth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise and includes quite a lot in the way of railways. There is of course the epic fight scene filmed on the concourse of Waterloo Underground station, though the subway and platform shots used Aldwych station with its 1972-stock train. Earlier in the film there are some elevated night shots of Canary Wharf with Docklands Light Railway units crossing the landscape, and a night shot of Class 315 EMU’s crossing the Regents Canal at Cambridge Heath. In a daytime view probably filmed in the same area, Class 317 EMU’s cross viaduct arches, and a scene filmed adjacent to Battersea Rail Bridge at night features trains crossing, but they are not that easily identified. In addition to these scenes, railways form the backdrop to several other sequences in the film. There is a scenario filmed in the disused former King’s Cross Goods Depot and St Pancras station is visible in the background. In a surprise twist, a Class 395 ‘Javelin’ EMU can be spied running along the HS1 chord in the far distance but it is rather difficult to pick out against the surrounding background. Finally, an aerial montage of London includes brief shots of Waterloo station but from such an angle that no trains can be seen.

As two of the gang watch proceedings from a balcony in Canary Wharf, a Docklands Light Railway unit curves through the landscape on the right
The roof of Waterloo station is in the centre of this aerial view of London’s South Bank
Class 315 EMU’s cross London’s Regents Canal at Cambridge Heath
This is the derelict former King’s Cross Goods Depot, which closed in 1973. St Pancras station provides the unmistakable backdrop.
The famous fight scene in the film switches between here, at Aldwych…..
……and here at Waterloo
The shabby stairwell at Aldwych station…….
…..which leads to the platform and the train of 1972-stock
The train pulls out of the platform, positively packed by Aldwych standards!
The scene inside the 1972-stock train is just as busy. Interestingly, Aldwych plays the part of a Northern Line station (possibly Tottenham Court Road) and the car interiors have been adorned with Northern Line route maps on this occasion.
Trains pass each other on Battersea Bridge at night
This final view shows a National Express-liveried Class 317 EMU crossing viaduct arches somewhere in east London. The derelict Leyland National buses are a further point of interest.