Image result for Face 1997 movie

1hr 45mins
Dir: Antonia Bird
Starring: Robert Carlyle and Ray Winstone

A group of thieves carry out a robbery but one of them is a traitor

As the opening credits of this crime drama roll there is a night shot of a passing Docklands Light Railway unit at an unknown location. The film also includes some scenes that were shot beneath a railway viaduct close to Limehouse Basin, and a shot of Phil Davis walking out of Liverpool Street Underground station.

The shot of the DLR train at the beginning of the film. It is climbing up onto a viaduct as cars pass beneath on the right.
Although this shot appears to show the entrance to an Underground station this is not the case. The film suggests that this is Stepney Green station but it isn’t. In reality this is Moreland Street in Clerkenwell with a prop Underground roundel put up by the production team.
Phil Davies walks out of Liverpool Street Underground station
There is a lengthy scene filmed by this railway viaduct but it largely appears on the periphery and this is perhaps the best shot to help identify its location. Although not confirmed precisely, this is believed to be somewhere around Limehouse Basin.