Dir: John Moxey
Starring: Jeremy Kemp and Rosemary Leach

A criminal recently released from prison falls for the blind wife of his former cellmate whom he promised, when inside, to visit

This short crime drama was one of a series of second feature films based on Edgar Wallace novels, released between 1960 and 1965 in British cinemas. This particular crime story has a tight and intricate plot and is cleverly worked throughout. The synopsis above does little justice to what really takes place on screen. The film has some excellent scenes filmed at Oxshott station, on the Guildford New Line in Surrey, plus some shots of passing trains in the surrounding area. Electric units that feature are all 4-car EPB’s, both of Southern Railway and later Southern Region origin, working headcode 42, Waterloo-Guildford via Cobham services. Some scenes were also filmed on the concourse of London Waterloo, though no trains feature here on this occasion. There are several scenes of Jeremy Kemp onboard EPB’s, and one exceptional sequence as the train pulls into Oxshott station. The lady passenger sat opposite him gently opens the latch to the door when the train’s brakes begin to apply. Gradually, as the train hits the platform, she pushes the door still further until, by the time the train squeals to a halt, she lets the momentum of the stop open it fully before stepping out onto the platform in one swift movement. This is a wonderful portrayal of something that was once so very common, helped further by the fact that the cameraman is using a hand-held camera, with all its jaunty movements. He leaves the train after the passenger, and turns around on the platform in time to see Jeremy Kemp get off. True to form, all passengers have left the doors wide open!! The dangerous act of opening the doors and alighting whilst the train was in motion became a perfected art form for regular travelers, but died a death with the cessation of slam door services.

This Southern Region 4 EPB unit is captured to the north east of Oxshott station, which is visible through the arch of Warren Lane bridge in the background. The unit is heading towards Waterloo, with the next stop being Claygate. Although not identified, the EPB was one of just fourteen (out of 70) which had electric horns protruding from the driving cabs; this was rapidly discontinued following ‘noise’ complaints from drivers.
The trains progress is followed, revealing the classic BR oil lamp on the rear
Jeremy Kemp onboard an EPB. Having felt the brakes ‘kick-in’, the lady passenger opposite has her hand on the door latch
As it pulls into Oxshott station, his travelling companion now has the door half open!!
Looking like a man with a purpose, Jeremy Kemp is now on the platform at Oxshott. This is the up platform (platform 1) looking towards Warren Lane bridge. Vehicle 61597 next to him belonged to 4 EPB unit No.5343, a Southern Region unit that entered service on 4th July 1960.
Jeremy Kemp at the main entrance to the booking hall of Oxshott station
Turning to ask the ticket collector (Keith Smith) for directions, we get a glimpse of the down platform and canopy
In this shot filmed somewhere near Oxshott, the passing EPB is one of the earlier Southern Railway-designed examples, as denoted by the classic top light windows on the doors
A classic scene at a classic terminus. The busy concourse of London Waterloo.
Another of the earlier SR EPB’s approaches the camera
This lovely view is taken from the down platform of Oxshott station, with a distant train approaching
The train arrives formed of Southern Railway 4 EPB unit No.5106, which entered traffic on 22nd February 1954, six years after the demise of the Southern
A final view of the down platform and footbridge at Oxshott, as Keith Smith asks for Jeremy Kemp’s ticket