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1hr 18mins
Dir: Joseph Mankiewicz
Starring: Rex Harrison and Peggy Cummins

A prisoner escapes from Dartmoor and claims his innocence by suggesting his conviction was unjust

This thriller features a scene where Rex Harrison’s car is held up at a level crossing by a mixed goods with a hot axle box. A 4500-series 2-6-2T is the motive power and the location is Nappers Crossing on the Totnes-Ashburton branch (now of course the South Devon Railway). The film was a remake of the 1930 film of the same title (qv), itself based on a 1926 John Galsworthy play of the same name.

In a fine portrayal of a country branch freight train, a 4500-series 2-6-2T draws across Nappers Crossing on the South Devon Railway
Peggy Cummins acting all nonchalant as she watches the train crew attend to the faulty axle box
Rex Harrison at Nappers Crossing with the freight train behind