Image result for escape! 1930

1hr 10mins
Dir: Basil Dean
Starring: Gordon Harker and Madeleine Carroll

Whilst working in a group in the grounds of Dartmoor prison, a convict manages to escape and is hunted down

This crime thriller was an adaptation of a 1926 John Galsworthy play of the same title, later reworked into another film in 1948 (which see). However, whereas the 1948 film appears to be readily available this film has become something of a rarity. It features a shot of the frontage to Hyde Park Corner station on the Piccadilly Line.

Hyde Park Corner Underground station in Knightsbridge, W1. This is in fact a very rare glimpse of an entrance that closed in 1932, though of course the station is still open. This building is now a hotel.