1hr 29mins
Dir: Lance Comfort
Starring: Richard Attenborough and Cathy O’Donnell

A newly-married taxi driver is tried for the murder of a young girl found on a bomb site

This crime drama is really an anti-capital punishment film. The title refers to the hour at which executions were traditionally carried out and the film points out the danger of circumstantial evidence resulting in the death of a mistakenly accused prisoner. It is only by good fortune that the film’s innocent protagonist is cleared in this case – and the message is that not everyone might be so lucky. There is one brief shot early on that was filmed next to the Regent’s Canal in Camden. A steam train passes on the viaduct beside the canal but it is almost completely obscured by the brickwork and thus cannot be identified.

This is Hawley Lock, on the Regent’s Canal. In the background, a train is passing across the viaduct that takes the railway between Primrose Hill and Camden Road stations.