1hr 20mins
Dir: Henry Edwards
Starring: Florence Turner and Henry Edwards

A poor girl comes into money but finds it difficult to cope with the ensuing high life

This classic silent drama includes a scene where a family board a train made up of vintage 1st Class compartment coaching stock. The exterior view shows Penshurst station in Kent, but the shot of the departing train appears to use a different station.

This is Penshurst in Kent, on the Redhill – Tonbridge line, as identified by Stewart Ellinson. The station is two miles north of the village it purports to serve, and is in fact located in Chiddingstone Causeway. The background church is St. Luke’s, which was in fact not built until 1897-98 and is thus some years younger than the station, which had opened as early as 1842.
The train of 1st Class Compartment stock pulls away from a station. The rather ornate buildings reflected in the windows suggests that this is an entirely different, and somewhat larger station, than the quiet country station seen in the above shot.