1hr 24mins
Dir: Bernard Vorhaus
Starring: Ronald Squire and Jane Baxter

Police pursue counterfeiters to Switzerland

This crime film has stood the test of time rather well and it features some railway footage on the Southern Region. There are brief shots of trains at London Victoria that include one departing hauled by N Class 2-6-0 No.1830, though the initial shot of the loco leaving shows the running plate of a GWR 4-6-0. This is soon joined by another very brief ‘over the camera’ shot of a GWR 4-6-0 forming part of a montage sequence. The station departure scene used a set. The film was based on the Neil Grant play of the same name and was, despite this, released in the US under the title Hideout in the Alps.

The train departure initially uses this shot of the running plate of a GWR 4-6-0
However, it is followed by this fine spectacle of a Southern Railway service leaving what appears to be London Victoria with N Class 2-6-0 No.1830 on the front. Note the lack of third-rail electrification.
This edited stock shot shows the rear of a departing train, probably London Victoria once again
The train journey in progress begins with this brief glimpse of another GWR 4-6-0 blended into the same shot as Ronald Squire
There is one additional shot filmed from a moving train somewhere on Southern Region territory
Quite a while later in the film there is a final, brief glimpse of Victoria, with a Pullman train in the platform