Image result for Dreaming 1944

1hr 18mins
Dir: John Baxter
Starring: Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen

A soldier is knocked out by a blow to the head and this movie charts his series of dreams

This Flanagan and Allen comedy opens with a studio-bound railway journey that is formed of the usual mis-match of stock footage. It starts with a shot of holiday crowds at London Paddington, only for the departure to show St. Pancras with a train pulling out in the hands of a 1000-series Midland Compound! Finally, there is a shot of an unrebuilt parallel-boilered ‘Royal Scot’ on an LMS express, a shot that also appears in both Frieda and The Hangman Waits (both released in 1947). The crowd scenes at Paddington, meanwhile, uses stock footage of holiday crowds, and near identical shots to these appear in The Black Sheep of Whitehall (1942) and Return to Yesterday (1940) – both qv.

The familiar view of crowds at London Paddington station
The train is waved away but not from Paddington as the coach behind the guard is branded LMS
An LMS ‘Compound’ 4-4-0 pulls slowly away from London St. Pancras
The view of the train mid-journey uses this stock shot of an unrebuilt LMS ‘Royal Scot’ on an express