Elisabeth Bergner in Dreaming Lips (1937)

1hr 34mins
Dir: Paul Czinner
Starring: Raymond Massey and Elisabeth Bergner

Tragedy ensues when the wife of a violinist in a famous orchestra falls in love with his friend

This tragic drama was the remake of a 1932 German film of the same name which in turn had been based on the 1929 play Mélo by Henri Bernstein. Despite a beautifully playful performance from Bergner and equally good reviews from the critics, the film was not that well received publicly. It should be found, however, and watched, because it is brilliant even if the ending is terribly sad. The film does feature some genuine railway footage at London Waterloo with Pullman stock in the pouring rain, though the scenes are not all that clear.

This shot shows the glazed roof of Waterloo station with rain hammering off the roof of coaching stock.
As the camera pans around the train begins to pull away. It is formed of Pullman coaching stock.
As Elizabeth Bergner and Romney Brent walk away from the camera the station forms a backdrop but this does not look like Waterloo anymore so could well be a set.