1hr 30mins
Dir: Jeffrey Dell
Starring: Richard Greene and Patricia Medina

A stray World War Two bomb releases the 400-year old ghost of an Earl with a guilty conscience

This comedy film features a short scene at a country railway station. A bus arrives in the car park and passes wagons in the goods siding but the location of this station is not known. The sequence that follows depicting a booking office and departing train used sets, though the back-projection through the carriage window as the train departs also shows a station, the running-in board of which is sadly unreadable.

Approaching the station at speed, the bus passes a well filled goods siding that is running parallel to the road
Continuing its approach to the station, the building on the left is a weighbridge. Sadly, no more of the station is seen.
As the train departs there is a tantalising glimpse of a real railway station as part of the back-projection though the station running-in board shown in this shot is unfortunately not readable. It has two words, and could be Seet Green, but it isn’t clear.